About Us

LDS Trading is part of LDS Engineers, which was established in 1998 and has 20 years of experience in diverse business areas. We are expertise in exporting the best quality products from the Balkan region and we are proud to mention that in a short period of time LDS Trading successfully delivered authentic Bulgarian food products to an immense number of companies in Australia, America and Europe. The skillful team of LDS Trading relies on the vast knowledge of export procedures and logistics working process. The products we deliver contain natural ingredients guaranteed by the producers and carefully checked and inspected by us. We work with numerous local farmers and major factories having great knowledge and experience in the production of the most delicious and prime quality products, prepared using the best local recipes proven in the years. As everything is getting digitized, keeping that in mind, we have developed our own user-friendly mobile app ‘LDS Trading’ to save our customers’ precious time. We work according to the requirements of our clients and their feedback undoubtedly indicates that we are a reliable and trusted company you can count on.

LDS Trading Reach

U.S.A. 99%
Europe 90%
Australia 95%
Asia 85%
Others 80%


LDS Trading has a long history with exporting great quality products to various markets on three continents. We are proud of the array of products we have carefully selected to cater the tastes of even the most pretentious consumers. We have the expert knowledge of export regulations and logistics services.

Global Presence

Providing high-quality raw materials from well-selected producers is our first priority. In the years we traveled and tested a lot and as a result, we have built long-term relationships with reliable partners from regions all over the world and Bulgaria, where the quality of the raw materials is proven to be the best. We have well-established offices in Europe, North America and in Asia Pacific providing fresh and organic Bulgarian food to numerous suppliers and giant companies of America, Australia, Europe and many more countries.


We are looking for all kinds of food products, with high quality and natural ingredients guaranteed by the producer and carefully checked and inspected by us. You can trust us to find the best quality products at competitive price, with the requested supporting certificates and export documents.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to bring the authentic Bulgarian products closer to consumers all over the world at affordable prices. We pay special attention to production and transportation process to make sure we provide good quality products on time. In today’s digital era, LDS Trading aims to provide an easy and fast way to deliver customer’s requested products directly from the source through fast logistics decisions via the latest digital technologies.


Why Choose LDS Trading?

LDS Trades with canned vegetables, cheese and nuts which are a delight to the senses. The ingredients are of the highest standards with the taste of traditional Balkan cuisine.

Organic Product Quality 100%
Product Storage 95%
Product Variety 90%
Logistics 97%
Fast Delivery Services 95%
Packaging 90%