Our Company LDS Trading has extensive experience in exporting the best quality products from the Balkan region and successfully delivering authentic Bulgarian foodstuffs to an immense number of companies around the globe.

The skilful team of LDS Trading relies on the vast knowledge of export procedures and logistics working process. The products we deliver contain natural ingredients guaranteed by the producers and carefully checked and inspected by us.

We work with numerous local farmers and major factories having substantial knowledge and experience in the production of the most delicious and prime quality products, prepared using the best Balkan recipes proven in the years.

Our products are sourced from a well trusted network of certified (HACCP, ISO 22000, and IFS 6) suppliers within Bulgaria and the Balkan region. During our year-long history with them, we have developed effective process management and an unconditional work ethic. We establish long-term partnerships by meeting the requirements of our clients and making sure that every aspect of their product needs is met.

We pride ourselves in our products and partners.