Akkawi Cheese

Akkawi Cheese
  • Akkawi is a mild soft white cheese In brine. It is moderately salty.
  • Akkawi is also spelled a few different ways like Ackawi, Akawi, Akawieh, or Ackawi. It is a popular table cheese in the Middle East region.
  • Akkawi Cheese boasts a smooth texture and a mildly salty taste which makes it delicious in Oriental sweets. The most popular usage is the production of desserts like kunāfah (spelled also Kanafeh, künefe, Kunafe, al-Kunafa), the Akkawi is typically soaked beforehand in water to lessen the salt content.
  • You can also serve Akkawi cheese as a fried snack, with fruits or just as it is.

Origin: Bulgaria

Ingredients: Cow milk, Salt, 2 Rennet capsules, Water

Product type: Packed, Organic

Primary package: box, tin, vacuum pack